Pony Tricks Comic Cast Episode 51, or, The Ultimate Penultimate Extravaganza

Next week is the Pony Tricks Comic Cast finale! But this week is the Ultimate Penultimate Extravaganza! Join me as I count 10 penultimate television episodes and roll your eyes as I poorly recount details from the 1966 Batman television series! One more to go folks!

This week: All-New Captain America, Avengers v. X-Men: Axis, Batgirl, Batman, Outcast, Silver Surfer, Superior Iron Man, Thor, Walking Dead, Wytches

Pony Tricks Comic Cast Episode 45, or, Exercise Balls Are the New Cuban Cigars

If my lecture on sitting, and its being the new smoking, blew your mind back in Episode 31 then boy do I have a revelation for you! Also, there were a lot of comic books out this week. So there’s that.

This week: Action Comics, American Vampire, Detective Comics, Black Widow, Death of Wolverine, Edge of Spider-Verse, Justice League, Silver Surfer, Swamp Thing, Thor, The Walking Dead, Wonder Woman

Pony Tricks Comic Cast Episode 40, or, Onomatopoeias Hanging From Rafters

It’s the big FOUR-OH and I’m celebrating it in style with a SECOND, CONCURRENT PONY TRICKS COMIC CAST CONTEST. And? MORE! Of course my ASUS computer is still ASUS broken, so there’s that. ASUS.

This week: Amazing Spider-Man: Learning to Crawl, Outcast, Saga, Silver Surfer and Superman


Pony Tricks Comic Cast 34, or, The Pony Tricks Comic Cast Contest!

Have you been dying to get me (@jaydiggins) to follow you on Twitter? I know I have! Have you been dying to get me to retweet and favorite a tweet OF YOUR OWN CHOOSING!? Well then you truly can have it all if you win the Pony Tricks Comic Cast Contest! Listen in for more info!

This week: Ms. Marvel, Original Sin, Robin Rises Omega, She-Hulk, Silver Surfer

Pony Tricks Comic Cast Episode 30, or, Dress Code

When do rolled up sleeves and an unbuttoned top button stop meaning T.C.B. and start meaning it’s hot out? This week on the Pony Tricks Comic Cast. Also, some food for thought and an overwhelming lack of strobe lights.

This week: Batman and Ra’s al Ghul, Daredevil, Original Sin, Silver Surfer, Wonder Woman

Pony Tricks Comic Cast Episode 23, or, 5th Wednesday

It’s the 5th Wednesday of the month, a.k.a. the 5th new comic book day of the month, a.k.a. a slow week. But there’s plenty to talk about! I still haven’t beaten Dark Souls. And I still haven’t seen Amazing Spider-Man 2, but I did read Amazing Spider-Man #1! So yeah, there’s plenty to talk about? Right?

This week: Amazing Spider-Man, Batman Eternal, The Flash, New Avengers, Silver Surfer


Some house-cleaning: In the near future I’ll be resubmitting the Pony Tricks Comic Cast’s feed to iTunes with a stat tracker so that I can gather data on, ya know, stats. This probably means PTCC won’t be available on iTunes for a short spell. But it will still be available here and on SoundCloud.

Pony Tricks Comic Cast Episode 18, or, The Soft Reboot

“An episodic retelling of one profoundly handsome young man’s week in pop culture.” BOOM. How’s that for a…. catch-phrase? Log-line? Tag line? Whatever. As the Pony Tricks Comic Cast ages my ramblings cast a wider and wider net. You’re welcome!

This week: Aquaman, Hawkeye, New Avengers, Silver Surfer, Superior Spider-Man, Wake and The Walking Dead